Abortion funds denounce dehumanizing immigration practices



When undocumented people are under attack in the United States, we are all under attack. None of us can afford to wait in silence for the fury to pass, especially our legislators, who are responsible for both hearing and responding to us. We are not asking legislators merely to undo the latest most heinous tactics because we recognize this moment is built on a gradual escalation. Both ICE and U.S. immigration policy have a long history of oppression, dehumanizing, and criminalization, and our legislators must take action to end these policies and practices immediately. These atrocities against immigrant children and families will never be forgotten, and echo ruthless, xenophobic and racist events in U.S. history that should never be repeated.

As we bear witness to the horrors of our endlessly brutal and worsening immigration fallout, abortion funds and We Testify abortion storytellers are speaking out because we know first hand that people who are already struggling to navigate difficult governmental bureaucracy are in a vulnerable position.

Alejandra Pablos, We Testify abortion storyteller:

“After spending over 40 days in a private immigration jail in Eloy, Arizona for the second time in my life, I can tell you that there is no jail fit for families and people. There is no humane way to incarcerate people in a for profit system. This system has shown us that we don’t have autonomy over our bodies, and they continue to separate us from our communities. Due to my immigration status, I have been forced to make decisions out of fear of being separated, the fear that many of us deal with every day and families who did decide to give birth are still living in. This government is trying to attack us on all sides by taking away abortion care, access, education, and by incarcerating families and people indefinitely seeking asylum and a better life. If we care about families, we need to pay attention to the criminalization and profiting of our people by our own government. We are not safe while people are in jails indefinitely.”